Wheel Refurbishment

We go above and beyond we our wheel refurbishment service, with all refurbished wheels the tyres have to be removed but we will also come to you and remove the wheels for the vehicle for you so you know your car is safe while we do for refurbishment.

After the tyres have been removed the wheel is then placed in an acid-based strip tank to remove all paint and lacquer. After this the wheel is blasted to remove any blemishes and corrosion. then the kerbing, deep scratches and any pitting that may have occurred due to corrosion is professionally removed. Any heavy pitting found is smoothed over to create a better look & creates a better seal between the tyre & the wheel.

The curing temperature of powder coatings is approximately 180°C, because of this the wheel is pre-heated to 200°C for around 20 minutes to allow any air to expand and to remove any contaminants. A powder primer is applied and then cured. The wheel is then cooled and powder coat is applied in the requested colour. Then once the colour coat has cured an acrylic powder coat lacquer is applied to not only enhance the finish but also to protect the wheel from the environment.

Once the lacquer powder coat has cured and cooled, the tyre can be refitted and balanced using adhesive wheel weights so as not to spoil the appearance, then we will return the wheels and tyres and put them back on the vehicle for you.